‘Guards of Eden’: What It Means to Me

*Originally posted April 18th 2019*

The purpose for this post is to announce something to you all that I’ve been working on, and to provide you with an insight into the why behind it all.

For those of you who don’t know, Guards of Eden is going to be the name of a podcast that I’m setting up. That’s right, I’m pursuing the most 2019 concept of all time and starting up a podcast! This is something that I’ve wanted to do for about two years, and the concept itself was something that I thought of then as well. Here’s where the idea for Guards of Eden was born.

When you say Guards of Eden out loud, it’s similar to Garden of Eden, which has its religious connotations to God’s idea of paradise that he created for Adam and Eve. Even though the world we live in can provide us all with pain and suffering occasionally, I believe that there are millions of people who are making the world a better place every day; this podcast is going to be a platform to highlight them and their work. The protectors of paradise.

I believe that the world that we live in is paradise (I understand how cheesy that sounds) and I wanted to create something that would not only reinforce that idea, but also celebrates the individuals that prove it on a daily basis. Guards of Eden will allow me to have conversations with those people and to get to know their journeys better whilst an audience listens along (hopefully).

If I’m completely transparent with you all, there’s selfish reasons for me setting up this podcast and I wanted to cover that with you all as well. I have big dreams for Guards of Eden, and deep down, I really hope that it can one day positively impact thousands, if not millions of people’s lives. Whether it’s something as small as putting a smile on someone’s face on their commute, or as big as inspiring them to make positive changes in their life, I want to leave a legacy on this Earth where I am able to honestly say that I helped people with my time here. I honestly feel that Guards of Eden will be the beginning of that, and I hope that I can go on this journey with as many of you as possible.

As I’m writing this, I have two episodes recorded and they’re good to go with the first episode being with my friend, Adam Crompton—who’s a DJ, as he’s now taking the next step of his career, doing his first season in Magaluf as a resident DJ over there. We cover our friendship, his experiences with his DJ career, and it really symbolises something special for us both. We’re both at the beginning of a new phase in our lives, so to know that I’m starting the Guards of Eden journey with him has a sentimental impact on me as this all begins. I’m going to provide some answers to potential questions that you may have below so you can go ahead and enjoy what’s to come:

Who can we expect to hear from on ‘Guards of Eden?’

Right now, I’m going to be speaking to friends of mine from a variety of fields. I’ll underpromise for now when it comes to guests, but I can promise to you that these people have hearts of gold and their stories will provide plenty of amazing moments.

I do have a list of dream guests for the podcast and I hope that one day I can sit down with them and get to know their journey to where they are now.

How long will each episode be?

I’m aiming for approximately 40 to 60 minutes per episode, but if it feels that it’s reached a natural end or the conversation is flowing then that could be subject to change.

Where can I go and listen to ‘Guards of Eden?’

Everywhere I can right now. Whether that’s Anchor, Spotify or Apple.

What’s the format going forward?

I’m going to be breaking Guards of Eden up into seasons to mirror the idea of a TV series. The key reasons for this are that it allows for a natural finale to each season whilst allowing me time to self-scout and make changes to grow the podcast. The aim is that this episode will have between 6 and 10 episodes with a truly sensational season finale (it’s loosely planned already, but it feels right that this person signs off season one of Guards of Eden).

Episode one with Adam will be released on Thursday, April 25, 2019. Once again, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m so excited to see where this all goes and I hope that you enjoy what comes of it all.

One love,

Luca 🙂 x

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