Guards of Eden Season 2 Preview

Season 2 of Guards of Eden is around the corner. Saying that feels very weird! If you listened to season 1 of Guards of Eden in any capacity, then I thank you. If this is your first experience with the podcast, then I welcome you. The purpose of this blog is to provide a preview into what you can expect and to verbalise a few of my own hopes for the podcast.

Olias’s dictionary describes Guards of Eden as “A home for the life journeys of a collection of fantastic individuals with the hope of restoring faith in universal good and inspiring others to be great”. 

I appreciate how cheesy that is, but after 11 episodes that filled me tremendous pride, we have a foundation to build upon which I believe season 2 will do. The stories will continue to be great; I’m going to do my best to improve as a facilitator and I’ll be looking to improve as a promoter of the podcast so that these amazing people have more eyes on their work and ears listening to their story.

As this blog has been written, 4 episodes have been recorded with an intention of getting a couple more done before the month is out and it’s been very tough not to release them straight away. With every part of my heart and soul, I believe there’s value in each person’s story and I’m certain that you can take something from every episode. There’s something very emotional about Guards of Eden for me. This idea of moulding a real sense of achievement with building something yourself combined with attaching yourself something self-less, purpose-driven and a positive addition to the world that we live in. It’s special.

For those of you who haven’t heard or seen what you can expect from season 2, I’m going to provide a brief breakdown for you below:

How many episodes are you releasing for season 2? 12 episodes.

When is episode 1 of season 2 being released? 10th of October 2019.

Where can I listen to the podcast? All major streaming platforms. You can find those under the Guards of Eden page on here.

How often will you be releasing the episodes? Weekly, every Thursday for the next 12 weeks.

If you don’t want to do the maths, 12 weeks from the 10th of October leads to 26th of December. For your average person that means eating the leftovers from Christmas dinner & seeing the family that didn’t make it into your Christmas Day plans. In my case however, this is my 27th Birthday! I get extremely introspective on my birthday and to think I’ll be wrapping up season 2 of Guards of Eden as I celebrate another year of life *touch wood* is enough motivation to make this season one to remember.

Growth is a key word for season 2. Primarily with a growth in my ability to provide a high-quality product as well as a growth in the audience. I’m still learning a lot throughout the journey and I’ll always welcome feedback, so please let me know how I can improve the podcast and if you’re able to support the podcast by spreading the word of GOE & if you’re listening on Apple to leave a review then that would be amazing.

Finally, my hopes will always start with that I hope we eventually have 12 happy guests with how their episode turns out. I hope that as I’m turning 27 years old, I can look back at the impact of 23 episodes of Guards of Eden being something that people enjoyed. Whether it’s simply serves as a momentary escape from reality for people or it inspires them to go out and do something that helps their life, I have faith in the power of people’s stories and I cannot wait to hear about what you think of Guards of Eden season 2.

Let’s. Fucking. GOE!

One love, Luca : )  x.

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