My Fragile Relationship with Faith

It feels like a lifetime ago that I was writing a blog reviewing 2019. So much hope for 2020 and what the year would have planned for me going forward. A month later and I’m in a state of disorientation with my life. Questioning my very purpose and value to the world around me, which leaves me wondering why am I so easily steered off course in life? Why are my beliefs in something bigger for my life fickle? What’s wrong with me?

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Season 2 of Guards of Eden Review

Firstly, it feels very surreal to be writing this particular blog. On August 23rd I got back to recording podcasts as I started with Suzie Clark before she set off to Bali (She would be the 2nd episode of season 2) and I’ve been obsessed/immersed ever since. Focused purely on making the second season of Guards of Eden an elevation of something I was already extremely proud of in season one.

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A Letter to a 20 Year Old Luca

*Originally posted March 21st 2019*

So in the interest of full honesty and openness, I stole this idea from my cousin for an interview that he was doing. He wrote his letter for his 25 year old self (about eight years of difference), so I’ve decided to write a letter to my 20 year old self (six years difference). At the risk of looking self-obsessed, I thought I would freestyle this letter and see where it goes. I hope you can take something from it no matter how big or small:

“Dear 20-year-old Luca,

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Guards of Eden Season 2 Preview

Season 2 of Guards of Eden is around the corner. Saying that feels very weird! If you listened to season 1 of Guards of Eden in any capacity, then I thank you. If this is your first experience with the podcast, then I welcome you. The purpose of this blog is to provide a preview into what you can expect and to verbalise a few of my own hopes for the podcast.

Olias’s dictionary describes Guards of Eden as “A home for the life journeys of a collection of fantastic individuals with the hope of restoring faith in universal good and inspiring others to be great”.  Continue reading