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Melissa Weldon *SEASON FINALE* S3 E11: The Importance of Using Your Voice:



Tambo Silavwe S3 E10: Helping People Find Their Voice:



Chloe Whylie S3 E9: Whylie Can Lead, Lift & Inspire:



Bryce Michael Wood S3 E8: Where Acting & Fitness Meets Activism:



Kaya Cansfield S3 E7: Empowerment Through Music, Fitness & High Vibrations:



The Final Question:



Anna Codrea-Rado S3 E5: The Journey to The Professional Freelancer:



Adam Crompton Part 2 S3 E4: A Year in Review:



Natalie Costa S3 E3: A Journey That Leads to Confidence Coaching… For Children!:



Ebonie Allard S3 E2: The Journey From Misfit to Maven:



Megan Airey / Megan Nicola S3 E1: Where Healing Meets Coaching:



An End of 2019 Thank You! :



Michael Maisey S2 E12 *SEASON FINALE*: A Journey of Incredible Perseverance :



Ban Hass S2 E11: Breaking Barriers and Stereotypes in Fitness :



Caitlin Limmer S2 E10: How 40 Minutes Can Change Your Life :



Jo Beale S2 E9 – A Journey Like No Other :



Dave Buonaguidi S2 E8 – From former Co-Founder of St Luke’s & Karmarama to Artist :



Trisha Barker S2 E7 – Creating A Business To Serve YOU!:



Sarah Davies S2 E6: A Boss on Platforms & A Queen on Stages. GB Athlete & Miss Intercontinental England:



Hannah Lewin S2 E5: Fitness Professional + Super Mum = All Around Boss:



Mark Whittle S2 E4: The Journey That Led to Take Flight:



Hannah Clarke S2 E3: All Things Fitness, Love & Growth:



Suzie Clark S2 E2: From The Corporate World to Canggu, Bali:



Domenique Fragale S2 E1: Princess Diana Award Winning Actress to Deputy Miss England:



What is Guards of Eden & What Can You Expect From Season 2?:



Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) *FINALE* S1 E11: My Hero & Greatest Life Influence:



Trammell Logan S1 E10: From the Choir to A Second Chance at Life:



Ben Davie S1 E9: Digme’s Head of Matrix & My Introduction to Indoor Cycling:


Alex Mann S1 E8: The Rollercoaster of University Life & Health and Fitness:



Annie Buckland S1 E7: Managing Your Health in the World of Fitness:



Haley Justice S1 E6: The Combination of Brains, Beauty & Strength: 



Ollie Baines S1 E5: Where Football Meets Faith – Cross The Line Co-Founder:



Bridget Hunt S1 E4: A Phenomenal Woman Built on Commitment, Persistence and Love:



Miss J. Mosely S1 E3: My Greatest Teacher:



Jess Homer S1 E2: Spin Superstar & Digme Centurion:



Adam Crompton S1 E1: Long Time Friend & DJ (MiBro_Music):